April 2017 Recap – Conversion Rate Optimization with Adept

For April, conversion optimization gurus and sponsors Adept Marketing presented a session all about CO: how it integrates into your organization, case studies, tools, best practices, etc.

Want to see the presentation? Get the slides from Adept here.

Want to read more? Adept has published a full ebook on CO here.

Sara Kear and Dave Boroi played presentation tag team: starting with a history of the field (including this experiment from the 2008 Obama campaign that lead to Optimizely) and moving on to the details of how a testing strategy might fit into your site or application no matter what size your company is.

Conversion Optimization: The Missing Link in Your Marketing Pr…

Conversion Optimization: The Missing Link in Your Marketing ProgramIt’s Web Analytics Tuesday again, we’re keeping everyone on their toes this year!Driving traffic to your site through marketing activities such as paid search or email marketing is essential, but if your site is not built to convert the visitors you get, you may not see the results you want. This is where the often overlooked science of conversion optimization comes into play.For April our cbuswaw sponsor Adept Marketing steps up to the mic; this time feeding our brains as well as helping pay for the food and drink.Join Sara Kear (VP of Digital Strategy) and Dave Boroi (Manager of Conversion Optimization) to hear about the importance of conversion optimization, and how both B2B and B2C organizations can use it to drive more conversions, and, ultimately, more sales.We’ll learn:- The definition and background of conversion optimization- Why a conversion-oriented website is so essential to a marketing strategy- The research tactics and process behind managing a conversion optimization effort- How to set up a conversion optimization program with and without a marketing partnerAll of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors:TeamBuilder SearchAdept MarketingClarivoyAudio/Video support and livestream provided by Mixt Media

Posted by Columbus Web Analytics Wednesdays on Tuesday, April 4, 2017


As if to further illustrate their conversion rate wizardry, Sara and Dave’s presentation had the best registrant-to-attendance conversion ratio we’ve ever seen! We’ll have to have them back to explain how they pulled that feat off.

Join us next month as Tony Zara from Rogue Fitness talks about Direct Response Conversion. It will be on a Wednesday, but it won’t be at Rev1.