August 2018 Recap – Storytelling With Ruth Milligan

“They want the Teddy Bear, not the stuffing”.

So what does that mean exactly?? No, it’s not a German translation of an old Steiff company slogan — it’s about putting your audience first and thinking about how to be an effective communicator. It doesn’t have to be a TED talk viewed by millions; any time we speak to a group it’s a chance to hone our communication skills and craft a story that puts our message clearly in minds of our audience.

Our guide and personal Obi-Wan for this excellent session was Ruth Milligan, founder of Articulation executive communication coaching and organizer of TEDxColumbus.

Ruth knows a thing or two about how to communicate with an audience and shared a lot of wisdom with a packed house at Rev1.

They want the Teddy Bear, not the stuffing.

They want the Teddy Bear, not the stuffing.Your audiences want to touch, feel and see your message, they don’t want a cascade of stuffing, thread and other parts that may show your expertise but confuse their understanding. Ruth Milligan‘s presentation will also unpack specific storytelling strategies every data scientist and analyst needs to embrace as it relates to distilling data into information that resonates. She will discuss the critical tenets of content framing for building short talks to lay audiences.Ruth Milligan is an executive communication coach and trainer. She works primarily with leaders delivering consequential communications and trains in content framing, storytelling, public speaking and executive presence. She is also one of the longest running TEDx organizers in the world with Nancy Kramer, having organized and curated TEDxColumbus since 2009. Along with her team at Articulation, her current practice, they have coached over 400 TEDx and TED-style talks. They are known for their work in science, research and data fields, helping researchers, scientists and analysts making their insights accessible to lay audiences. She provided coaching to our speakers for Women in Analytics 2018 and has become a trusted partner to data insight teams at MetLife, Nationwide and Ford as well as coaching a variety of speakers at UnitedHealthCare, EcoLab, Express, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and many groups inside The Ohio State University and Wexner Medical Center.All of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors:- Clarivoy- TeamBuilder Search_ Wittenberg University | School of Graduate & Professional Studies M.S. in Analytics- Search DiscoveryA/V support, including a Facebook Livestream of the event, provided by Mixt Media

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Ruth’s slides are available below (most of the videos she showed are included as links in the slides):

The big takeaways:

  • Make sure your presentation has a clear “Why?”
  • Boil down your presentation to one idea (if you truly have multiple ideas, you have multiple presentations)
  • Limit yourself to three supporting points
  • Kill the bullet points!

The talks that Ruth mentioned were:

Casey Brown – know your worth
Chip Kidd – designing books
Eli Pariser – beware filter bubbles
Sam King – infectious diseases
Yiem Sunbhanich – data is the new seat belt

Articulation’s YouTube channel (including the short videos from the talk).

Join us next month on September 12th when Katie Sasso from the Columbus Collaboratory will talk about experimental design and machine learning.

Also don’t forget about the Market Research Exchange’s Fall Conference downtown at the Columbus library on September 21st!