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March 2017 Recap – Influencing the Influencers with SEEN

First, Tim noted these upcoming events of note:

Then, for March’s presentation we took a dive into influencer marketing, lead by a triumvirate of influencer marketing gurus from SEEN. Brian Zuercher got the standing ovation part of the session out of the way early, so we could focus on learning what influencer marketing is and how real practitioners (Alex Ditty and Ami Murphy Iannone) get it done.

Influencer marketing poses an interesting conundrum for us analysts: because while there are certainly metrics to be had and plenty that can be measured, the true value of this kind of marketing sits early in the customer sales cycle where meaningful hard numbers do not abound. Metrics like “reach” or the unfortunately named “potential impressions” can easily lead one down the wrong path and should mostly be ignored. Engagement metrics can be valuable, but they don’t tell the whole story.

The most important message was that a marketing strategy based solely on metrics optimization will lead towards increasing just those metrics themselves. In other words, focusing on increasing clicks and impressions can lead myopically towards just looking at marketing channels that directly affect those channels like PPC. This approach ignores the huge strategic benefits of increasing other (harder to measure) factors like brand awareness and affinity.

Is There Really Influence in Influencer Marketing?Influencer marketing isn’t new, but how it’s done is. Today the list of influencer content, formats, and platforms is becoming longer and longer. A variety of data and information is used: from the discovery of these creators to the measurement of the impact of their sharing. Marketers and their teams are faced with the wondering and explaining how and why this works.For March’s cbuswaw (yes it’s really on Wednesday this time!), join Brian Zuercher and Alex Ditty from SEEN, an influencer marketing software & services provider.From SEEN’s work with brand powerhouses like Hershey’s, Reebok, Hilton, and more — they’ll provide insights and tools to help answer questions about influencer discovery, influencer impact, ROI, and what’s trending.

Posted by Columbus Web Analytics Wednesdays on Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Join us back at Rev1 again next month when Sara Kear and and Dave Boroi from Adept Marketing will talk about Conversion Optimization!


February 2017 Recap – What the Hell Is R?

There were a couple of announcements before this month’s event kicked off:

  • Event dates for Columbus WAWs are set for the year, and there is now a link at the top of the Upcoming Events page that you can use to put placeholders on your calendar for the whole year.
  • The first MeasureCamp unconference ever in the U.S. will be in Cincinnati on Saturday, May 13th. It’s free! Register, and consider running a session!

Following the announcements, Tim Wilson from Analytics Demystified explained what the programming platform R is, why he spent 2016 trying to ramp up his skills with it, and how he quickly realized that, while he initially was just looking to learn a new language, he quickly realized that he really needed to broaden his horizons.

The below isn’t the exact presentation Tim presented, but it’s pretty damn close:

January 2017 Recap – Google 360

For our first cbuswaw of the year (since it was on a Thursday though was it a cbuswat or cbuswar?) we got to hear about some of the new tools offered by Google as part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

Andrew Dodenhoff from Google’s Chicago office was our guide through the different parts of the suite, specifically diving into Google Optimize (the testing platform) and Google Data Studio (the dashboard solution). Both tools have free versions, you can start using Data Studio today or sign up for an invite to Optimize.

We learned that GA itself is the core on which the rest of the suite builds upon, for example when using Optimize on a site properly tagged with Google Tag Manager you can easily use segmentation data from GA to create experiments in Optimize based on Goals that you probably already have setup in GA.

Similarly Google Data Studio can very easily pull in data from GA for reporting purposes as well as data from many other Google services and MySQL.

We’ve got a full year of meetups coming up, for those who might like to plan ahead we have a list of all the dates available here:

  Download 2017 Upcoming Events Calendar

Finally, thanks as always to our sponsors, all of whom — Clarivoy, Team Builder Search, and Adept Marketing are repeat sponsors from last year!



December 2016 Recap — Holiday Awesomeness with Tommy Plank

Our 8-year tradition has been “no formal presentation at our December event.” This year was no exception. This was also the third year that we held our December event at Plank’s Cafe & Pizzeria, and we can’t imagine holding it anywhere else!

Proprietor Tommy Plank circulated freely, telling stories as he does!


We had a few web analytics luminaries from out-of-town stop by!


But, mainly, we had Tommy Plank — a Columbus treasure!


We raised a few glasses to the digital analytics community in Columbus, which is strong and getting stronger. We hope everyone has a happy holiday and a new year filled with personal and professional successes…and attendance at many WAWs!

November 2016 Recap – Attracting Talent to Columbus

Our November 2016 event was a highly engaging panel discussion talking about how to build analytics talent right here in Columbus, Ohio. The panel was made up of:

  • Jen Wells — President at TeamBuilder Search
  • Nora Gerber — Talent Engagement Specialist at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • Michelle Reese — VP, Chief Talent Officer at Columbus Collaboratory


And, it was moderated by cbuswaw’s own Dave Culbertson of Light Bulb Interactive — a veritable digital analytics James Lipton right here in the San Diego on the Olentangy.


The discussion covered topics including:

  • How to present Columbus to out-of-town folk, including how to help make sure when your visitor is here that they have a good experience.
  • How to improve the perception of Columbus on the national stage, and how to deal with misconceptions that may arise.
  • How to nurture our own talent in the region and continue to grow.

Thanks very much to all our panelists!

September 2016 Recap – Analysis Tools Beyond Excel with Drew Goettemoeller

The Landscape of Reporting and Analysis Tools beyond Microsoft Excel with Drew Goettemoeller

Rather than re-cap, this month we introduce the capacity to re-watch!

Have you ever wondered if it’s time to move beyond Excel and the native interfaces provided by your web analytics platform to a more robust business intelligence (BI) platform? Columbus WAW organizer emeritus Drew Goettemoeller from Search Discovery, Inc. might have left Columbus, but he has continued to dig into that very topic.

August 2016 Recap – SEM Best Practices with Joe Ebbeler

August’s cbuswaw found us back at Rev1 Ventures hosted by Clarivoy to learn about search engine marketing from Abbott’s Joe Ebbeler.

First things first, thanks to everyone for turning out — one of our best crowds in a while! And, while we all enjoy free food and beverages, it’s clear that the real draw was the topic. Search engine marketing, SEM, (which does include SEO y’know!) is responsible for most sites’ traffic, so hearing the approach to it from someone who deals with SEM every day for well-known brands like Ensure and Pedialyte made for a session with a return on investment too high to pass up.

In addition to the Chinese food, we were promised digital marketing sandwiches. That promise was fulfilled, in your choice of regular or open-faced:

Please join us again next month, when Drew Goettemoeller* returns to Columbus for a session on business intelligence reporting beyond Excel.

*Helpful spelling mnemonic from Drew – There’s an ‘e’ every third letter.

July 2016 Recap – Video Analytics with Tim Schmoyer

Deep in the catacombs beneath the German Village an inquisitive group of video optimization wisdom-seekers happened upon an oracular YouTubian dispensing analytical knowledge to all comers…

Or… in the well-lit and comfortable confines of Brick An American Kitchen, our July meeting with Tim Schmoyer of the Video Creators Channel was lively and informative!

Tim covered the important but often overlooked methods of measuring and improving our video efforts. YouTube is the second largest search engine around and its content is included in search results from the first, so it’s not enough to just upload any old video and hope that it gets found, because it probably won’t. We learned about the importance of video thumbnails, titles, and engaging with our viewers in order to try and improve our visibility in YouTube.

We also saw some of the video engagement metrics that YouTube provides to us as video creators and what kind of sense we can start making out of those metrics.

Are our users bailing out after just a few seconds? It’s not TV, it’s a “lean in” platform where users have their fingers on the back button. Why are there more than 100 percent of viewers retained at the start of the video? (Apparently that’s from users starting the video over again). We additionally learned to stop using the word “modules” (but only if our analytics tell us to!).

Tim’s slides:

And an intro video from his channel:

Thanks to Tim and everyone who made it out, see you all next time!

May 2016 Recap – Stats for Digital with Dr. Levin

♫ So no one told you stats were gonna be this way,  [ clap x 4 ]
♫ Your r’s a joke,  your model’s broke, your regression’s D.O.A….

Our May event was an engaging overview of statistics for digital practitioners from Dr. Michael Levin of Otterbein University. In a packed room under the watchful eye of the Winking Lizard, Dr. Levin covered some of the basics we should all want to know, and gave some good resources for next steps. Plus for added difficulty, all done with Friends metaphors.


If you are interested in learning more on the topic, you can register for Dr. Levin’s Inferential Statistics on Excel Workshop in July at Otterbein here.

We believe (with a high confidence level) that the number of pictures taken of the final reference slides were good indicator of a strong amount of interest in these resources, so here are the links:

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics
Statistics in Plain in English
Statistics (Dictionary)

Excel Websites:

Statistics Websites: (over Tim’s objection that it doesn’t contain statistically significant statistics content)

Khan Academy


And finally, some of the free dataset sources mentioned:
Survey Data from NORC at University of Chicago
List from Amazon Web Services

We’re taking June off, so we’ll see everyone next time in July!