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  • September 2020 CBUSWAW
    September 16, 2020
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Zooming in on Local SEO

Did you know that almost half of all Google searches express local intent? Much more than searches for “CVS near me”, local SEO can affect any business with physical locations.

At its core, local SEO ensures that brick-and-mortar locations can be found online in organic search for relevant searches that express any kind of localized intent. This could be searches with city names, searches for establishments (e.g. “restaurants”), and yes the inevitable “near me” searches.

Local SEO involves a particular set of optimizations, all focusing on improving a business’s indications of relevance to the query, prominence for the product or service, and proximity to the searcher. This presentation will cover tactics for optimizing for local search, how to report on local search, and provide some bottom-line results that a business can experience when local SEO is done properly.

About Our Speaker

Lincoln Rinehart is an SEO Strategist at Adept Marketing, where he develops SEO strategies for a wide range of clients in various different industries. However, having gone to college at Ohio University in the small town of Athens Ohio, Lincoln found passion in helping support local commerce through SEO efforts. Since graduating, he has helped Adept redefine its local SEO offering and stay on top of trends that can have a significant positive (or potentially negative) impact on small and large local business owners.


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Zoom meeting link will be provided by email the Monday before the event.

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  • Please use the desktop app and turn on your camera (if you have one and are comfortable with that).
  • During the talk and Q+A period, please place yourself on mute.
  • If you have a question please place it in chat.
  • After the Q+A period you will receive an invitation to join a small “breakout room” to talk with a random small group of attendees. The speakers will remain in the main room.
    • Accepting the breakout room invite is optional, but if you do accept you’ll be placed in the sub-room for approximately 10 minutes until the room expires or you leave.
    • You may leave the breakout room at any time to return to the main room or simply leave the event. Other attendees in the breakout room should understand this is not a judgement of their conversational skills.
    • We will do up to 2 rounds of this networking, after which everyone will return to the main room.