Information for Speakers

Thanks for your interest in speaking at Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday!

Here’s the low-down on how the events work.

We usually meet at Rev1 following this rough schedule:

6:30-7:00 – Food, drink, and general socializing.
7:00-7:10 – Opening remarks, organizational stuff.
7:10-7:50 – Talk, audience q & a.
7:50-8:30 – More social time, possible exhortations to take home food and/or drink.

Things are pretty informal, so that schedule may vary. Please try and show up by 6:30 so you have some time to make sure the A/V is working for you.

Rev1 has good A/V capabilities including a Macintosh at the podium, multiple types of display connectors for your own laptop, and available wifi.

Talks should:

  1. Be 30-40 minutes in length.
  2. Not be a sales pitch! This is the only real rule. Mentioning products and tools (even if they are yours) are fine, but try and keep it non-commercial.
  3. Provide the audience with something relevant to them, maybe even something practical they could implement.
  4. Be accessible to an audience of mixed levels of technical expertise.

If you’re unsure about the content of your talk — feel free to reach out beforehand to any of the organizers for feedback, we’ll be happy to help!