January 2023 – How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (GBP)? What happened to Google My Business (GMB)? The former replaced the latter! At this month’s event, Katie Bradley split the difference between a primer and a deep dive on the subject and armed attendees with what they needed to know to claim, manage, and drive results using the free* GBP platform. In a nutshell, the session went through:

  • The key differences between GBP and GMB (with a conclusion that the change is generally for the better)
  • How to claim and verify a (Google) business profile
  • The various ways to optimize a profile: proper categorization, a solid description, good (geo-tagged) photos, and adding products (if relevant)
  • How to add Google posts (and what makes for good ones)
  • The importance of soliciting customer reviews, and how to get as much mileage and impact as possible from good ones
  • How to track and measure the impact of the profile over time
  • And more…!

The slides from the event are here, and some pictures from the evening are below!

* “Free” in that there is no monetary cost for claiming a business and then working with the listing. But, TANSTAAFL, amiright? Putting Katie’s many tips to use does take some time, but it can often be an investment with a seriously positive ROI!