July 2020 – an R-Ladies Columbus / WAW Crossover Event!

This month’s event was over a year in the making, but it was well worth the wait! It was a joint meetup of R-Ladies Columbus and Columbus WAW:

  • For the R crowd, it was an introduction to digital analytics data
  • For the digital analytics crowd, it was an introduction to R
  • For the crowd that had already been crossing over, it was an evening where the peanut butter and chocolate finally came together to make an Reeses’s cup!

Dr. Katie Schafer from Covail provided an introduction to R using a (still available!) RStudio Cloud project and then walked through a set of Google Analytics data all the way from some basic exploration of the data to a linear model attempting to predict the drivers of revenue per visit (RPV). The model itself was not very “good,” but the point of the exercise was to provide a basic introduction to the platform and approach, as well as to show how to both run and evaluate a model.

Some of the basic exploration of the data…and of ggplot and faceted plots:

Some more exploration using a scatterplot:

And some of the results of a generalized linear model:

It was a fun evening!