June 2019 Recap – Mobile App Analytics

For our June event, Mai Alowaish from Blast Analytics and Marketing made the trip down I-71 from Cleveland/Akron to share an information-packed presentation on the many facets of mobile app analytics.

Her presentation covered:

  • An overview of what mobile app analytics is (and how it differs from mobile site analytics and hybrid app analytics)
  • The different underlying types of app analytics: marketing analytics (downloads, shares, deep linking performance, etc.), performance analytics / app health (crashes, errors, latency, etc.), and in-app analytics / product analytics (funnel behavior, personas and demographics, drop-off points, etc.)
  • The myriad different platforms for app analytics — which type(s) of app analytics they cover, as well as what their interfaces look like and enable
  • The different considerations when it comes to how to implement app analytics: to TMS or not to TMS? API hubs? CDPs?
  • How to actually go about planning what to track (see the speech bubble below for a key to that!)

The presentation is available for detailed perusal here.

We had a full house of engaged attendees!

And, as we’ve been doing all year, we had Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday T-shirts as a door prize drawing! One of the lucky winners was actually in town from the Bay Area, so we pretty much assume that “cbuswaw” will be assumed to be a hot new startup inside of a week, and we’ll be fending off venture capital funding offers:

If you’d like to experience the presentation almost as though you were there:

  1. Load up a plate with a few slices of pizza
  2. Get yourself a tasty beverage
  3. Watch the video below that Mai was kind enough to record with her slides and her voiceover!

We’ll be continuing our streak of fantastic content from out-of-town speakers next month when Valerie Kroll joins us to share her tips for presenting results that inspire action. We hope to see you there!