May 2021 – Google Core Web Vitals with Mike King from iPullRank

Our May event was all about Core Web Vitals—a key part of Google’s latest effort to promote a fast and clean user experience by rewarding sites that that offer one! Mike King from iPullRank was our speaker, and he made 78 slides fly by smoothly!

Beyond just Core Web Vitals, Mike noted that Google’s shift to mobile-only indexing is a cousin of the broader set of updates, and it might actually be a more important cousin! And, while there was a big push by Google for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), they’ve actually started backing off of that, as they realized that speed matters—not so much how that speed is achieved. As a matter of fact, experiencing delays on a mobile site causes users’ heart rates to increase as much as if they’re watching a horror movie!

Mike went on to define and explain where exactly core web vitals fall within the broader context of how a user experiences a page’s load:

  1. Navigation begins
  2. First Paint
  3. First Contentful Paint
  4. First Meaningful Pain
  5. Visually Read
  6. Time to Interactive
  7. Fully Loaded

Within that experience, a lot happens, and a lot of what happens can be impacted by large and small decisions about how a site operates, and how a “performance budget” exercise can help ensure that investments in improving the speed (and the experience) are made wisely.

We recorded the event, so, if you’re looking for a great primer on the subject, well, this goes beyond being just a primer! But check it out:

Are you interested in the slides? You can request them (contact info required…but totes worth it!) at