October 2018 Recap – Call Tracking and Analytics with Alain Stephan

At our October meet-up we learned a lot about an oft-neglected part of that tiny multi-function computational device we keep on us at all times: the phone. You know, that thing you use when you talk to people? Really, that does still happen… A lot.

Alain Stephan, SVP analytics services at call tracking and analytics company DialogTech, showed us how and why we might want to actually pay attention to what customers say when they call, no matter what size our business is.

162 billion calls driven by digital marketing!

Alain walked us through the basic mechanics of how this kind of system works: forwarding, recording, extracting the contents of a call, and then mining that content for points of interest in a customer journey.

We learned that the building blocks of this kind of system have come as far from the days of dial-up Compuserve (their contributions to text-to-speech technology notwithstanding) as a iPhone from an old rotary phone.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like “web” analytics, but those of us that are driving traffic and running marketing campaigns might want to think about what happens when the click we drove turns into an inbound customer call!

A digital analyst might think of the content of a phone call as an “offline” conversion, but if we can extract the contents and customer funnel interactions in that call — that doesn’t sound like something fundamentally much different a series of website interactions to me. And as we learned from Alain, one call can have a series of different interactions just like a site visit. If we’re listening to the interactions in a site visit shouldn’t we be listening (this time, more literally) to the phone call interactions as well?

AI Meets Small Business: Mining Customer Calls for Moments of Truth

AI Meets Small Business: Mining Customer Calls for Moments of TruthIn a hyperlocal business environment, giving your customers the most rewarding experience possible is critical. A satisfying experience leads to new customers, repeat business, referrals, a strong reputation, and sustainable revenue growth. Alternatively, a poor experience with your business can spell disaster, especially if a negative online review is part of the equation.Join Alain Stephan, SVP Analytics Services at call tracking and analytics company DialogTech, to learn how small local businesses are using artificial intelligence to capture moments of truth that occur when customers call, and turn missed opportunities into real revenue.All of our Columbus WAWs are free of charge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors:ClarivoyTeamBuilder SearchWittenberg University | School of Graduate & Professional Studies | M.S. in AnalyticsSearch DiscoveryA/V support, including a Facebook Livestream of the event, provided by Mixt Media

Posted by Columbus Web Analytics Wednesdays on Wednesday, October 10, 2018